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Our Passion is Fueled By What Research Has Shown.

Our goal is to ensure that we reduce poverty and unemployment by strengthening the SMEs in Nigeria, Africa and the world.

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Business must be used as a tool to foster sustainable development.

Business should be used as a force for social and economic change. Businessmen would not do this unless someone points them in the right direction.

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About Us

TheBossOffice is a mentoring forum for entrepreneurs and startup owners. It also offers business support services.


  • Why do 20 million startups die within their first three years?
  • Do you know that Nigeria’s MSMEs employ about 80% of her workforce?
  • Do you know Statista reports that Nigeria has maintained an 8% average unemployment rate since 2017?
  • Why do only less than 5% of Nigeria MSMEs grow into stable businesses?

Tereigh Ozakpo, Founder, TheBossOffice

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Our Services


Mentorship & Business Education

We provide free business success education tips and insights through our channels on digital and social media.

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Business Templates

We provide all types of business templates to SMEs/entrepreneurs – HR, Legal, Agreements, Policies, etc. at very affordable rates.

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Business Registration

We help start-ups and entrepreneurs register their businesses with the government and other constituted authorities.

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Training and Facilitation

We provide special training for employers and employees for business optimization. We partner with industry experts to provide training in specific need areas for productivity.

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Business Plan and Feasibility Studies

We help SMEs do a thorough feasibility study within Nigeria and develop a standard business plan to ensure business decisions.

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Business Strategy and Implementation

We provide support services to SMEs to help them thoroughly review their current strategy and proffer new and more current ones to give their business a value boost.

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Our Clients & Partners

We are pleased to have many trusted partners.


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