The last day of October 2017, just yesterday made me rethink value creation.

The average worker maintains the impression that success is largely dependent on favor or intervention of the spirit realm. This story begs to differ. This is a true life story.

Results attract rewards!

Victoria took up a janitorial job with #SoKleen Ltd on a part-time basis while her school was on strike. In the short time she spent with us upstairs in the sales department, the impression she left on our minds are indelible.

Two weeks into her part-time job with us, a sector director used her diligence, attention to detail and composure as example to a group of business development managers during a review meeting on a Tuesday morning. From then on, I took special interest in her person. I observed her from afar.

Five things she did absolutely right that her predecessors never did;

  • She put her job first. Her primary assignment never suffered. Also, she didn’t spend her productive time running errands to gain favors
  • She did her job on time, before anyone would reach the complaint point. She resumes very early and makes everywhere sparkling clean. She goes an extra mile to arrange whatever is left on the table in a fantastic fashion
  • She was very professional. If she would run errands for anyone, it has to be during her break time. She never compromised in time and task
  • She never spoke vernacular as most janitors did. She spoke so eloquently that one cannot but notice her pristine elocution
  • She did mind her business. If she was not going about her duty, she would be found reading

She was a rare kind of janitor. I thought my observations were unique until she announced to us that the strike was over and her last day was three days away. Upon receiving the news, a mail had gone out from an unsuspecting colleague asking for willful donations towards support for Vicky’s schooling.

In two days, we realized three times her monthly wages. Everyone who heard in the sales department and beyond made a contribution. Remember, she didn’t solicit this help she was getting. The few months she spent with us were just amazing.

On her last day with us, while she was going about her normal duties, she was invited casually to our open office, and one after the other we said very kind words to her and presented her with a token of our appreciation.

She was told that to keep in touch and alert the company as soon as she graduated from school. I guess you know what it means for a director to write a letter of commendation to HR on your behalf. It is one of my most pleasant stories in October 2017.

Create value, and everything else would follow!

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