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Want to Rule the Future, Become One of These 6 Classes of People

I like the line of thought which suggests that the future is female; in some quarters; this means that girls, ladies and women will be the owners of tomorrow. However, I am more particular about the acronym FEMALE, because if anyone is to be part of a fruitful future and if anyone is to rule ‘tomorrow’, then such a person must belong to at least one of these six classes of people that the acronym truly stands for.

Let’s begin:

F = Financiers

No, it’s not the obvious, while this group contains those who invest in stocks, shares, bonds and crypto currency, the investment here goes way beyond that.

This set of investors go a step further to invest their time, energy and resources in honing their craft, acquiring new skills and broadening their understanding even way beyond their regular fields of operation.

This group also comprises of those who see rare talents and take their time to nurture such a gift till it gets to yield season when returns are made. It is the Financiers that give dreams the opportunity to spread their wings, get to soar and harvest diamonds from the alluvial sky.

E = Enterprisers

The word entrepreneur was carefully left out here, and this is just so it does not seem like it’s all about the start ups and other business ventures. True, the entrepreneurs fall into this category, however, this is way bigger than that. Here the focus is the adjective which suggests that those in the class are super brave, take huge risks, show initiative and are very resourceful.

Perhaps, being resourceful can pass for a quality that is highly underrated even in our world today. But with the myriads of problems that we face on a daily basis, imagine a person who has the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome such difficulties; if they charge their worth for every problem solved, then you can be sure that they would be buoyant enough to rule the future.

A reputation for resourcefulness makes one a great prospect because people will always come running to the problem-solvers.

M= Meek

This just had to be there, come on; even the Holy Book says “the meek shall inherit the earth”. But let me state categorically, that this is not about just being quiet and gentle because in life if you are too calm, the violent will take it by force… Lols!

Now seriously, I am talking about being patient while putting in quality work. A Financier who is highly enterprising needs meekness to keep pressing on even at odd times, knowing that soon enough the seeds that have been planted will germinate, bear fruits and then it will be harvest.

Let me stress that it is not just about long-suffering and waiting; it is about what you are doing even while you wait. You must be humble enough to keep learning, keep making yourself better as you look forward to reaping the gold of the field when time and chance avails you the opportunity.

A = Adaptors

Borrowed from the word ‘Adapter’, these set of individuals like the gadget that converts electrical devices which are incompatible, understand that life will not always be black and white, so they do not stay static and dogmatic, they are dynamic.

For them, change is constant and consistent; not a fluctuation in the quality of their services, but a blending with the demands of the times, as to meet needs and satisfy the expectations of the day.

If I may sight an example here using the Nigerian Music industry, I would opine that it is because of such a quality that musicians like 2Baba and Wizkid have continued to remain relevant in the music scene. It would be my opinion that the later has even done a more fantastic job at operating as an adaptor.

People in this class deeply understand what the times are saying, they are fully aware of the trends and what sells and they also have the knowledge of how to thrive in the new markets, making their stock remain on demand regardless the season.

L = Leftist

Believe me; this is not political at all, so rather than think left-wing and right-wing polity, think disruptions. Yes, this class is for the disruptors, the non-conformists, forward-thinking, and enterprising individuals who see beyond their noses.

This group contains the creative outsiders and the idealists, those who create new markets and modern value networks that send tremors down the spines of old industry insiders and dogmatic market specialists, forcing them to either up their game or be displaced.

Often, these revolutionaries are associated with moving sciences and evolving technology, but they are not limited to trade alone, they are in virtually every work of life including the arts and even down to the heart of politics at all levels.

While the meek will inherit the new earth, the leftist will create a world that not many could ever have imagined.

E= Educators

One theme that seems central to all that has been said regarding those who will rule the future is learning. To get a seat at the table where the future is governed, the financiers must be open to possibilities, the enterprising ones must broaden their knowledge, and the meek in their humility will accept new insights, the Adaptors must learn to fit in, while the leftists cannot effectively cause disruptions if they have not acquired the sharpest skills and mastered their latest tools.

If learning and education be the link to all, then it becomes imperative that there are great educators who will hand down the required knowledge. However, the educators here and the learning thereof are not only those found in the four walls of the classroom.

They include leaders of thought, mentors, and masters even in the apprenticeship system sharing their vast knowledge on various streaming systems and online platforms, ensuring that the people are enlightened using the best medium available. These are the ones who will rather not give fish, but show others how to fish and earn a living. These people will have their leading positions in the future because learning is a lifelong process and there will always be need to gain new understating of even life itself.


Indeed, I started of saying that if you want to rule the future, then you must belong to one of these classes of people, but who says you cannot belong to more than one or better still belong to all of them. But let me state here that regardless the class you fall into, there is always a need for the unseen hand, some call it luck, others call it the grace, whichever works for you, I say may all the elements align in your favour.

Have a very high-yielding week, conquer your world.

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